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I dare to live by a heart desire, a passionate minds, an ideal stretch strength in overflow, you eyes to see clearly into his life, a good listener and ears comprehend, a pair of hands energetically push back the barriers, a pair of legs the courage to overcome all challenges.

I live in a part of his life is very real, very “people” and not feel ashamed.

Yes, there are sometimes some friggin’ slack us releases, up!

Yes, there are sometimes we turn to cry because of those failures, down because the intended, dreams never come true!

But I am dealing with the failure to acknowledge and draw the lessons of experience, expensive blood bone for ourselves, to stumble and then will should new lesions, to have the wisdom to know the wound came from, somewhere to do her wound.

I live by the main circuit the feelings in my heart, feelings can change: funny and sad, believe it and then paranoid, passionate love it and then break up in a hurry. … but emotions don’t have bugs and I dare staying true to yourself, to catch real emotion to exist , to continue to live.

We are the blogger …. Because we dare to think!

We think of a bright future for all those who have, are and will come in our lifetime. We want nice things over to mount people with people coming together. We want the relationship to stick to bind people with people in a family dynasty of blogger, we come together, know each other not just once, twice, which is long, longer than the times.

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We are the blogger … Because of them I dares!

The virtual world also actually does what no other real world that we know in real life. In the virtual world we confront together how to: love-hate-hate-retribution, then more or less in real life would also be like and vice versa.

So we dared to hold hands, bringing together virtual reality out from. Hold offline life, long distance telephone to each other, to listen to each other’s confidences, sharing each other daily difficulties, and try not to real ones back to virtual ones inherent original.

Know it’s difficult, but just be patient, just live, using the legs to love sincerely and with intense conviction that, we continued to do, keep trying, although the results have arrived.

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